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What can we help?

Write to the Board, addressing the letter to the Executive Secretary

To ensure Host Community Contractors participation in the oil and gas industry.

Youths with academic qualifications are encouraged to register on the NOGICJQS portal at www.nogicjqs.gov.ng to avail themselves of opportunities in the NJQS database.

A compliant letter should be addressed to the Executive Secretary Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, Nigerian content Tower, Oxbow lake Road Swali, Yenagoa Bayelsa state.

All Zonal office address can be found on our website at www.ncdmb.gov.ng.

Send an email to support@nogicjqs.com requesting for registration on the portal using your company official email address.

The funds will be accessible to contributors to the NCDF as well as community contractors with verifiable and genuine contract documents.

The interest rate applicable on the NCI Fund scheme for community contractors is 5%

A community contractor must have a local government identification certificate from his community for easy identification and a duly signed letter of identification from his paramount ruler or compound chief as a proof of indigene.

Key Thrusts of the NOGICD Act of 2010

  • Integrate oil producing communities into the oil and gas value chain.
    Foster institutional collaboration.
  • Maximize participation of Nigerians in oil and gas activities.
  • Link oil and gas sector to other sectors of the economy.
  • Maximize utilization of Nigerian resources i.e. goods, services and assets.
  • Attract investments to the Nigeria oil and gas sector (service providers, equipment suppliers etc)

To be the catalyst for the industrialization of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and its linkage sectors.


To promote the development and utilization of in-country capacities for the industrialization of Nigeria through the effective implementation of the Nigerian Content Act

Core Values

Patriotism, Passion, Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity and Team Spirit

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