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Projects Certification and Authorization Directorate (PCAD) of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) reports directly to the Executive Secretary Office of NCDMB. 

PCAD Structural Composition:

The Directorate comprises Three Divisions, namely:

  1. Upstream Division (UPD)
  2. Midstream Division (MID)
  3. Refinery and Gas Division (RGD)

Vision: “To Maximize Nigerian Content Value in projects executed in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry”

Mission “To extract Nigerian Content Commitments from Industry Operators before contract award in line with the requirements of the NOGICD ACT, 2010”

The directorate’s’s major responsibility is to ensure that all tenders in the Oil and Gas Industry comply with the minimum Nigerian Content targets stipulated in the schedules of the NOGICD Act. Execution of this responsibility is carried out by interfacing with the Nigerian content (NC) department of Operators, who in turn interfaces with the Service providers/Contractors during all stages of the contracting process in line with sections 7-22 of the NOGICD Act.

The Contracting and Tendering Process (bid document review, certification and evaluation process) commences with the Oil and Gas Operator submitting a Nigerian Content Plan (NC Plan) for the Board’s review and approval.

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