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Who We Are

Welcome to NCDMB

NCDMB was established in 2010 by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act. The key thrust of the the NOGICD Act include:

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Key Thrusts of the NOGICD Act of 2010

  • Integrate oil producing communities into the oil and gas value chain.
  • Foster institutional collaboration.
  • Maximize participation of Nigerians in oil and gas activities.
  • Link oil and gas sector to other sectors of the economy.
  • Maximize utilization of Nigerian resources i.e. goods, services and assets.
  • Attract investments to the Nigeria oil and gas sector (service providers, equipment suppliers etc)

To be the catalyst for the industrialization of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and its linkage sectors.


To promote the development and utilization of in-country capacities for the industrialization of Nigeria through the effective implementation of the Nigerian Content Act.

Core Values

Patriotism, Passion, Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity and Team Spirit.

Partnerships in support of Government Policies and Program

Nigerian Oil & Gas Park Scheme (NOGaPS)

Promoting Manufacturing in Oil & Gas Industry and It's Linkage Sectors

Join us in industrializing Nigeria

Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board

10 Year Strategic Roadmap

As part of efforts aimed at  ensuring sustainability of Nigerian Content in the Oil and Gas Industry, the Board developed a 10-Year Strategic plan.

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