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What can we help?

NCDMB procurement department do not register companies, registration is only done by the Bureau of Public Procurement through their or after which a valid Interim Registration Report (IRR) shall be printed out and submitted to the Procurement Dept of NCDMB as an evidence of registration.

Submission of a valid IRR to the procurement Department of NCDMB is at no fee i.e. free of charge

Each advertisement published by the Board have its peculiar requirements to be complied with by bidders and those specific requirements are what should guide any company in responding to any our tender/advertisement.

All enquiries or inquiries as to the status of a bidded tender should be sent via e-mail to where an appropriate response will be provided.

All clarifications, enquiries or inquiries as to the status of any tender should be sent via e-mail to where an appropriate response will be provided.  

Bureau of Public Procurement.

All NCDMB Tenders are advertised in the Federal Tenders Journal, National dailies and on the Board’s websites.

Yes, The Tender fee for collection of SBDs is currently N10,000.00

Yes, only companies registered with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) with a valid IRR that are eligible to respond to our adverts/tenders

Key Thrusts of the NOGICD Act of 2010

  • Integrate oil producing communities into the oil and gas value chain.
    Foster institutional collaboration.
  • Maximize participation of Nigerians in oil and gas activities.
  • Link oil and gas sector to other sectors of the economy.
  • Maximize utilization of Nigerian resources i.e. goods, services and assets.
  • Attract investments to the Nigeria oil and gas sector (service providers, equipment suppliers etc)

To be the catalyst for the industrialization of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and its linkage sectors.


To promote the development and utilization of in-country capacities for the industrialization of Nigeria through the effective implementation of the Nigerian Content Act

Core Values

Patriotism, Passion, Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity and Team Spirit

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