Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board

Capacity Building - FAQ

What is the 60:20:20 model of the Board?
  • 60% of the Training shall be dedicated to employment creation.
  • 20% for Higher/Advanced Training for Oil and Gas Personnels
  • 20% for Basic/Job entry level HCD.
How does someone benefit from the Board’s Training Programme?
  • To benefit from any of the programme, candidate/individual must register on   
  • You will stand a chance of being nominated for any of the Board's programme.
What are the critical Capacity Building Initiatives embarked by the Board that are in line with Technical Capability pillar of the 10year Road map?
  • Institutional Strengthening (ABAK, Amoli, GTC PH etc).
  • Cadet Training Programme.
  • SMART Electrical Engineering Training.
  • Professional Development of Teachers in Secondary School.
  • Project Production Management Training.
  • Subsea Training. Etc
What is NCDMB plan towards employment of those that have been trained and those to be trained into the Oil and Gas Industry and its linkage sectors?

The Board is collaborating with the IOCs/Project Promoters to engage previously trained individuals by the Board on the existing/current projects by the service vendors. Also, Project Promoters and Service vendors are advised to submit training plan/proposal targeting areas of needs to increase employment opportunity for Nigerians.

How can contractor, trainers or trainees’ access NCDF?

If you mean the NCI funds, it will be accessible to contributors to the NCDF as well as community contractors of any of the oil producing communities. Applicants can apply via the BOI/NCIF portal;

Why should contractors be the one to develop and sign-off the training Implementation plan and submit to project promoters for vetting and submit to NCDMB for approval?

Service vendors are the executors of most of the projects and training programmes in the industry, hence the need for them to take total ownership and develop a detailed Training Implementation Plan in line with the Project Scope. The Promoters bear the cost of such training programmes.

What is NCDMB plan towards conducting trainings with this current Covid 19 pandemic period?

The Board identified the need to continue to work amidst the Pandemic and is deploying technology to move most of the trainings virtually. For trainings that cannot be conducted virtually, the Board is observing them under stick safety measures.

How can individuals or company register with NCDMB?

There are 3 categories of registration.

  • Individuals, Service Companies, Operators/Promoters

For registration, Log-on to, click on ‘Guideline’ then the category and follow the instructions.

How can NCDMB help companies to get contract from the international oil companies or NCDMB?

The Board does not in any way influence who gets contract.

Why the change in the training budget matrix?

The change was necessitated by the need to have clear and simple matrix for estimating Training Budget. The use of Manhour for some contracts as stipulated in the Old matrix isn’t straight forward.

Why have we decided to increase the pay for trainees when new employees do not receive that much?
  • Trainees are not entitled to benefits as employees of companies. Moreoso looking at the hardship posed by the COVID-19, the Old payment model may no longer sustainable.
  • Lastly, the Board intends to increase/encourage saving cultures to spur entrepreneurship development after the programme.
What is NCEC?

NCEC stands for Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate.  It is a requirement of the Equipment Component Manufacturing Initiative (ECMI), which was conceived by the Board to address the gaps in:

  • Local manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, threading, coating, repair/maintenance, calibration and testing of equipment/equipment components etc.
  • Local supply of equipment/equipment components in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Ownership of equipment used for onshore and offshore services in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
What are the Categories of NCEC?

The Nigerian Content Equipment Certificates are classified into the following categories:

  • Category A: For ownership of existing equipment component manufacturing facilities established in Nigeria and already commissioned and in operation
  • Category B: For proposed equipment component manufacturing facilities to be established in Nigeria.
  • Category C: For ownership of movable equipment assets and materials that can be employed and form only a part of what is required for value creation in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Category D: For equipment leasing companies.
What are the requirements of NCEC application?

The simplified requirements for obtaining the NCEC are as follows:

  1. Valid CAC, Form CO2 and CO7
  2. Relevant Valid DPR Permit
  3. List of Equipment/Ownership Status
  4. Evidence Equipment Ownership
  5. Evidence of Land/Facility Ownership
  6. Memorandum of Agreement with OEM.
  7. Evidence of facility certification e.g ASNT, SON, ISO etc,
  8. Evidence of Current Tax Certificate.

Evidence showing Ownership of Nigerian Bank account.

How do I apply for NCEC?

To apply for NCEC, kindly log on to your company’s account through the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS) portal and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to NCEC Management
  2. Click on Add an NCEC Application and choose from the listed NCEC Categories (A,B,C & D)
  3. Fill-up all the mandatory fields
  4. Upload all documents
  5. Click on Submit to NCDMB
Do you require facility/equipment inspection before NCEC is issued?

The Board carries out mandatory facility, equipment and assets inspection and verification exercise within fifteen (15) working days upon receipt of the application. The objective of the exercise is to ascertain the status of the domiciliation plan; facility, equipment and assets ownership; and authenticity of the documents and information uploaded on the NOGIC JQS portal for each application. Accordingly, companies are required to provide original copies of all documents and information uploaded on the NOGIC JQS portal for sighting and authentication during the inspection and verification exercise.

What is the NCEC Processing Timeline?

The Board processes all applications upon receipt and issue the completed and duly approved certificates within fifteen (15) working days after the facility visit. However, if we are unable to process duly submitted application and issue certificate within 15 working days due to incomplete documentation, the application shall be rejected, and the applicant informed of the reason for rejection.  All processed NCECs are approved by the Executive Secretary (ES) and sealed by the Directorate of Legal Services of the Board before issuance.

What is the validity period of my approved NCEC?

All Approved Category A NCECs have a validity period of two (2) calendar years after which, they can be renewed for another two (2) calendar years.

All approved category B NCECs have a validity period of one calendar years, after which, they may be renewed for another calendar year and no more.

All approved category C,D NCECs have a validity period of one calendar years, after which, they can be renewed for another calendar year.

Do you publish the list of approved NCECs and where can I view it?

The approved NCEC List is published quarterly on the Board’s website.

What is MVC Report?

MVC stands for Marine Vessels Report.

The marine vessel categorization scheme drives and promotes the manufacturing and utilization of Nigerian owned vessels through the categorization of Marine Service Providers (MSP).

How often is the MVC report published and where can I view it?

The MVC Report is published monthly on the Board’s website.

What are the requirements of the MVC

The simplified requirements for MVC are as follows:

  1. Valid CAC, Form CO2 and CO7
  2. Vessel Registration Certificate (NIMASA)
  3. Custom Duty Payment Document
  4. Maintenance History Document or International Association of Class Societies (lACS) Certificate, or NIMASA Certificate and or NIWA certificate.
  5. Bill of Sale/ or Receipt of Purchase
  6. ISM Certificate
  7. ISPS Certificate
  8. IMO Number
  9. P & I Certificate
  10. Builders Certificate
  11. And any other documentation that maybe required
How do I apply to get my vessel categorized?

To apply for MVC, kindly log on to your company’s account through the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System (NOGIC JQS)  portal and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Marine Vessels Management
  2. Fill-up all the mandatory fields
  3. Upload all documents and click on
  4. Submit to NCDMB
How can I get registered as a contractor with NCDMB?

To be registered with NCDMB, you must be actively registered with the BPP. Obtain your valid Interim Registration Report (IRR) and present it to the Board.

What is the prerequisite for collaboration with NCDMB on Entrepreneurship training and empowerment?

Minimum requirement for collaboration with the Board on Entrepreneurship development trainings is registrations with OGTAN and BPP.

How can I be a beneficiary of the Board’s Entrepreneurship schemes?

To be a beneficiary of our Entrepreneurship schemes, you are advised to get registered on the NOGIC JQS portal ( The portal serves as the primary source from which potential beneficiaries are shortlisted from

What department should I address my training proposals to?

All proposals for training purposes and related activities should be addressed to the office of the executive secretary of NCDMB

How long does it take for a contract document to be prepared and contract awarded?

It takes a period not exceeding 3 weeks from date of finalization of evaluation of commercial proposals.

What date is the effective contracts commencement date?

This is often stipulated in the contract document. Usually, the contract date starts counting from the day the contract acceptance document is signed and submitted to the Board.

When is a contractor due for payment for services rendered?

The payment schedule is built into milestones which is often indicated in the contract. Upon the achievement of any due milestone and submission of invoice by the contractor, payment is made.

After the submission of an invoice by a contractor, how long does it take for payment to be effected?

After verification of contractor’s compliance with milestone achievement expectations, payment is effected not more than 45 days after invoice submission 

Can a contract be cancelled by the Board?

Yes, as contained in the contract agreement signed between the Board and contractor

Can a contractor apply for contract variation after signing contract acceptance?

This is highly discouraged. However, this may also be dependent on the contract agreement and the clauses therein.

What programmes are covered in the Board’s entrepreneurship schemes?

Programmes covered in the Board’s Entrepreneurship schemes includes activities in the oil and gas value chain, agriculture, construction etc.

What is the minimum qualification for eligibility to participate in the Board’s Entrepreneurship schemes?

The minimum qualification is O’level certification and decent communication skills in English language

What is expected of me when I get shortlisted for a training?

Please refer to out trainees Handbook and HCD guideline (…download_links)