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The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG) on Friday celebrated the arrival of its new vessel named Abuja II, which recorded appreciable Nigerian Content achievements in the course of its construction. The vessel is one of the six new ships built by Bonny Gas Transport (BGT) for NLNG.

NLNG and its subsidiary-BGT had approached the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) in 2013 with a plan to build six new ships to boost NLNG operations. In order to grow Nigerian Content, it was agreed that the construction process would ensure the training of Nigerians and utilization of made in Nigeria goods and services.

Speaking at the welcome ceremony in Bonny, Rivers State, Manager, Commercial Shipping, NLNG, Captain Ahmed Hambali Yusuf listed key Nigerian Content achievements on the construction of the six vessels to include the training of 600 Nigerians in different skills in ship building both in Nigeria and South Korea and utilization of made in Nigerian marine paints manufactured by Paint Coating Manufacturing Nigeria (PCMN) and Berger paint.

He identified other Nigerian Content achievements to include the contract awarded to Nexams Kablemetals to supply low voltage cables as well as the contract awarded to Metec Nigeria limited to supply Sacrificial Anodes. Similarly, a contract was awarded to Vina International and I.O furniture for the supply of movable furniture.

Speaking further, Yusuf confirmed that all the goods exported from Nigeria to Korea were utilized on the ship, adding that the vessel is a Dual Fuel Diesel Electric (DFDE) model, which enables it to run alternately on diesel and gas.

LNG Abuja II, which has a cargo capacity of 174,900 M3, is the third vessel delivery from Samsung Heavy Industries and the fifth vessel delivery under the BGT Plus Project. The vessel also has a 32 man crew, 27 of whom are Nigerians while five are foreigners.

LNG Abuja II loaded her first cargo for NLNG at Bonny LNG Terminal on April 15 2016.



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